Not your average CPAs

We are excited to announce that Oliver Garrison LLC is now Hamby & Hengeli LLC!

Our dedicated and experienced team of accountants and consultants will stay in place. We are proud to have the best group of people committed to serving the needs of banks and other financial institutions.

Same people. Same Services. New Name.

Why Choose Us?

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Hamby & Hengeli LLC provides unmatched expertise in financial institution services, delivered in a timely manner and at a competitive price. We believe that the needs of your institution are unique, and therefore our approach is client driven, not product driven. You have the flexibility to choose any combination of our services.

We're the Experts

We provide the highest level of bank accounting and advisory expertise possible. As specialists in community and independent banks, our expertise cannot be matched by a general practice accounting firm.


We emphasize a continuous and open dialogue and you will have direct, on-going contact with one of the partners of our company on every project.

No Unexpected Charges

We value communication so strongly that, as a rule, we do not charge for reasonable phone calls and consultations.